Evan Haklar Zentech Small Business IT Consulting
Evan Haklar, Consultant and Founder of Zentech IT

I’m Evan Haklar, a professional IT consultant and the founder of Zentech. I’m really passionate about helping small business leverage big technology.

Zentech is a niche consulting and support business.  Our work in IT is almost exclusively with Australian small businesses. Our clients come from a wide array of industries, including health care, legal, manufacturing, engineering, retail, and many others.

I moved to Brisbane over 10 years ago. In that time I have been privileged to work with many large and small businesses, in both consulting and engineering positions.

I’ve also done a great deal of work in the health care sector including in Queensland and Australian hospitals and private pathology laboratories.  I’m proud to have made a positive impact on the health care outcomes of Australians.

I’m an Information Technology and Computer/Electronics engineer and technologist by training. I hold qualifications from Australian and Canadian institutions including a Masters of Engineering in Electronic and Computer Engineering, a Bachelors of Applied Technology, as well as holding additional Engineering Technology certifications.